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Refer a Student


THANK YOU for referring an exceptional student to QuestBridge! 

We are now accepting referrals for the 2016 College Prep Scholars Program for high school juniors. Please feel free to recommend younger students. We will contact them when they become eligible by graduation year for one of our programs.

What happens to my referral?
Your referral allows us to reach potential applicants directly. We will send them helpful information such as deadline reminders, college planning advice, and general tips to aid them through the QuestBridge application.

Please note: Referrals are not required for a student to apply (they are not "nominations").

If you have a QuestBridge account, please LOG OUT of your account prior to referring another student.

Please note that students can opt-out of our communications at any time.


Not sure who qualifies? Read Who Should Apply to see if your students might be eligible to apply.

If you have a QuestBridge account, we ask that you please log out out of your account before filling out this referral form.
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